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Venture Bank is a firm that helps build strategic relationships and capital for our private client ; we also have internal projects in the luxury, cloud computing, entertainment , advertising and real estate sectors. We syndicates offerings to strategic corporate partners , Media companies , Luxury brands, institutional investors, and venture capital firms. Venture Bank was founded by Cheray Unman in 1996 as an extension of Tanner Unman & Co, a New York Investment Bank.

Values Advisor

Dr. Charlie Chan , President of the SME Association for China and Hong Kong.

Dr. Marcelo De Andrade Chairman & Founder Pro Natura Foundation

John Degen Head of venture for Sumitomo Corp. B

Patrick Suel Venture partner at Panasonic Ventures

Walter Sturm : AT&T content Distribution

Christa Ventikos : Chairman & CEO of
Ventikos & Associates,

Francis Chen: Venture Partner at W I Harper ; a firm focused on China.

Holly Cao ; Founder of Lion Cao Management and the Lion Cao Entertainment fund.

Christopher Lucas : Co-Founder and Partner of the Cirrus Fund based in London and the Cayman Islands.

William Berkman: Managing Director of Liberty Associated Group. He is on the board of Liberty Satellite and Centerpoint Corps.

Tim Holmes , President of Venture Bank private placement group and advisory services.

Kevin Mayer: SVP of Business Ventures at Disney corporate.

David Wilf : COO of Fantastic Corp.
Walter Sturm: VP of AT&T Business Solutions.

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